Thursday, February 25, 2010


How do we judge the reliability and quality of foods served in restaurants? Most customers experiment by visiting well presented and attractive eateries and choosing the ones serving tasty and safe foods for repeat visits. But often appearance can be deceptive with well presented out fits offering foods that do not excite the taste buds. According to marketing pundits in Western countries, the quality of menu card which is first offered for selecting the food conveys all about the foods served there. 

"Having a well-designed menu cover is important because food establishments are sometimes judged based on it. Professionalism and dedication can be seen in the cover, and customers can draw conclusions about the food quality and customer service based from it. Long-term customer relationship usually starts with a good first impression, and that is achieved though menu and its cover".

Whether such a view is valid in India is not known. How ever, with low awareness about food safety aspects, Indians flock to eateries where only tasty foods are served, ignoring the environment, the serving personnel, hygiene etc. But those who seek ambiance besides quality and taste, are impressed by menu cards and their quality. Glossy thick cards, multi color printing, attractive design features and well dressed service personnel help to establish a lasting relationship between the restaurant and its clientele. 

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