Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Current wisdom that seems to be prevalent in the world is that rich countries are consuming more food than they really need and the consequences are there for all to see in the form of expanding waist lines, bulging tummies, increasing life style disorders amongst the population there. During the last one decade, some sense has prevailed on them that the culprit is consumption of high calories in the form of fat and sugar through processed foods. Conscious efforts individually and collectively are being made to cut down calories and reduce consumption of sugar and fat. It is baffling, therefore to see a country like the UK suggesting increased consumption of calories as is being reported.

"Weight conscious individuals, who religiously stick to the advised 2,000 calories a day limit for women and 2,500 for men, could be depriving themselves of food unnecessarily, the study suggests. In a major review of the official calorie advice, researchers found that these amounts could be raised as much as 16% from the guidelines developed in 1991. And this is because nutrition experts under-estimated physical activity levels in the UK and set advice on energy intake too low. A 16% increase would boost an adult's daily limit by as much as 400 calories - equal to eating a regular cheeseburger or two packets of ready-salted crisps, according to food industry bible The Grocer".

The sedentary life style that prevails now with the advent computers and the Web naturally calls for a reduced calorie intake for most of the people while there can be some engaged in heavy work requiring higher calories which they must be taking already. The logic of such a stand is hard to understand but ultimately it is the people who will decide what and how much they eat. Probably food processing industry would be the happiest lot as this raises hope for greater demand emerging for their products.


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