Tuesday, November 17, 2009


With halogenated hydrocarbons progressively being phased out by the refrigeration
due to their ozone depleting property, CO2 has become the most agreeable
refrigerant available
to day. Though CO2 itself is being blamed as a green
house gas, it has several useful role in
to day's industrial world. It plays
a critical role in food preservation, especially fresh produce
through modified
atmosphere storage technology. Dry ice, a by-product from alcohol industry
frozen CO2, achieved through compression but finds little use due to inconvenience inherent
in its handling. Latest development of freezers based on CO2 will go
a long way in addressing
the exacting need of the refrigeration industry.

"The system is Food Lion's first "cascading" CO2( )refrigeration cycle, which uses a single system and just
one condensing unit to refrigerate and freeze
foods. Before Kysor//Warren developed this system, grocers
CO2 refrigeration systems needed two condensing units as well as a freezer-specific system
and a refrigeration (medium temperature) specific
system. This is Kysor//Warren's first CO2( )advanced
refrigeration system in
a retail grocery store setting".

The CO2 based cooling system, if proved to be as per the expectations of the food industry
may make an immediate impact in many developed
countries where cold chain and cold storage
systems are well established and
are an integral part of the retail net work. How far this is
relevant to
countries like India with practically no worthwhile refrigeration infrastructure existing,
as of now, is to be seen.

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