Thursday, November 26, 2009


Modern nutritional concepts speak of balanced foods which only can ensure sustained growth and freedom from health disorders due to deficiencies and over dose of some of the food components like fat, sugar and salt. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids and fatty acids must be present in balanced proportion in the diet we consume daily. Though there could be minor variations vis-à-vis the RDA of various nutrients for different people, generally the universally accepted guidelines can be safely followed for a healthy life. Can there be exception to the established tenets of nutrition as we know to day? Here is a claim that one can live on sugar alone without any serious repercussions!

"Mr. Rudnick is the living proof. At 51, 5-foot-10 and an enviably lean 150 pounds, Mr. Rudnick does not square with the inevitable mental image of a man who has barely touched a vegetable other than candy corn in nearly a half-century. Apparently, one can not only live on a dessert island, but can also do it happily and long".

Probably the report may be a hoax but the fact that such a claim is made calls for efforts to substantiate the claim. A more exhaustive study on the metabolic aberration that could have caused such a situation only can reveal the truth.

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