Sunday, February 23, 2014


Food Industry is suspected to be nurturing a strategy that involves addition of more and more sugar to their manufactured products to exploit the weakness of consumers to these two dangerous food ingredients. It is difficult to know whether really it is doing without understanding the fearful consequences this strategy or just pursuing the goal of achieving increased profits by "any means". Consumers must realize this all pervading dangers in the market place and shun foods containing high sugar or high salt levels. Here is a take on a report which highlights the current scenario vis-a-vis these two food ingredients.

"The food industry is adding more and more sugar to food which consumers are largely unaware of as it is mostly hidden, warns research. Leading health experts from across the globe have united to tackle and unmask hidden sugar so consumers can make informed decisions about what they eat and drink. Added sugar has no nutritional value, gives no feeling of fullness and is acknowledged to be a major factor in causing obesity and diabetes worldwide. "A can of Coca Cola has a staggering nine teaspoons of sugar (35g). Similar amounts can be found in the flavoured water, yogurts, canned soup, ready meals and even bread," said the report published in journal The Conversation. "Like the model of salt reduction pioneered by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) in the UK, a similar programme can gradually reduce the amount of added sugar in food and drink products," suggested Graham MacGregor, chairman, CASH. The CASH has been successful in compelling companies and manufacturers to add less salt to products over a period of time by setting targets for the food industry and mobilising public information. There are several parallels between salt and sugar. Like salt, most of the sugar we consume is hidden in processed food and soft drinks. There are also specific taste receptors for sugar, which if sugar intake is gradually reduced become more sensitive. So over time, we don't notice that sugar levels have gone down, said the research". 

Though many governments are aware of the above trend,very few have the will and determination to discipline the run away industry in its race for more and more profits at consumers' risk!


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