Sunday, February 23, 2014


What percentage of urban population know any thing about the sources of food they eat day in and day out? Hardly a few. A novel program launched by a Farm in the UK to do this has been reported recently. Here is a take on this new approach on consumer education.

"A former 3,750 sq ft potato store at Frogmary Green Farm, South Petherton, in South Somerset, has been completely transformed into the Cook It @ Frogmary cookery school – a sleek, modern complex of teaching kitchen and conference facilities. The ethos of the new business is to focus on using fresh, seasonal produce sourced from local farmers – all of whom were at the recent launch party where they rubbed shoulders with the great and the good from the farming world, both locally and nationally, to raise a glass to Nick and Claire Bragg's latest venture. Over the past ten years, the award-winning farming couple have welcomed hundreds of school children to see how RSPCA-approved Freedom Food chickens are produced at Frogmary Green, as well as thousands of visitors during Open Farm Sunday events as part of their commitment to helping people understand where their food comes from".

Similar programs must be started by big and medium farms abutting urban areas in many countries to benefit millions of students and citizens through such periodic exposition. This is one of the best education programs which cannot be done within the four walls of a class room. 

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