Sunday, September 30, 2012


In spite of enormous data accumulating against GM foods, there does not appear to be any remorse on the part of the "creators of these phantoms" regarding the consequences and adverse impact of widespread promotion of GM foods through canards, half truths and untruths on future of humanity. The philosophy of the GM food "Warriors" seems to be "to make  hay while sun shines"! They do not seem to be least bothered regarding the loss to the consumers and farmers in terms of money and health by forcing them to condescend to GM foods. The vice-like grip GM food lobbyists has on national governments, especially in a country like the US is nothing short of being scandalous. Though many experts watching helplessly the onslaught of GM foods predict that these genetically mutilated versions of food might not last beyond ten years from now, what about the damage already caused by such reckless use of this Frankenstein technology on humans and the environment during the lat twenty years? Here is an interesting critique on this vital issue that gives deep insight into the wily schemes of the GM food lobby.

"Meanwhile, the science, like a child hiding under the bed while his parents are throwing dishes at each other, is trying to get someone's attention. Numerous studies have concluded that GM crops not only fall short of their agronomic claims, such as higher yields and reduced chemical use, but they also pose significant health risks in the form of toxins, allergens and inferior nutrition. A recent study conducted in Russia, also found that hamsters fed Monsanto's GM soy for two years gave birth to infertile offspring (in the third generation), caused increased rates of infant mortality, and stunted growth. It also caused strange pathologies in some of these animals, like hair growing inside their mouths. The infertility finding was particularly troubling. Most of the testing, conducted by industry and accepted by the FDA for approval, did not follow the animals for three generations. Given these kinds of potential harms, are you ready to feed this stuff to your family? Speaking of children, Monsanto recently sponsored the release of a children's activity book entitled, "Look Closer at Biotechnology." Apparently they want to do what they can to ensure that today's children won't have the same objection to this type of food that many of their parents do. According to the work book, which is filled with games and puzzles and cartoon-like pictures of children with happy faces, "You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to: 1) grow more food; 2) help the environment; and 3) grow more nutritious food that improves our health." What could possibly be wrong with that? If only that were true. According to Michael Pollan, GM foods will disappear within a decade. Why? Because they do not live up to their claims and they do not provide any value, only risk, to consumers. "We've yet to see the GM product that the computer people would call the 'killer app'." The whole industry is being propped up by Monsanto's incestuous relationship with the government, and according to Pollan, the products themselves will prove to be a failed experiment that simply didn't live up to its promise. "In ten years we won't be talking about it [GM]. It hasn't been that successful." In other words, if there is any justice remaining in this country, the whole thing will just collapse like a house of cards." 
It sounds reasonable to assume that the GM food technology will wither away in due course because of the experience of millions of farmers who fail to attain yields boasted by the giant transnationals who developed these technologies under the field conditions. But if their clout on policy makers is any indication, GM food industry is becoming bolder by the day and according to recent reports, a 100% GM corn is about to be launched and promoted in the US market by world's most powerful retailing chain with "enticement and seduction"! If such a situation continues, the day is too far off when farmers will not be allowed to plant any thing not genetically modified! The startling revelation by one of the scientific multi generation studies recently definitely throw sufficient evidence of health damage by GM foods, at least in laboratory animals. All scientific evidence supporting safety of GM foods seems to have been based on single or two generation studies. All national governments are duty bound to stop any further research efforts to develop genetically modified foods, especially those which are transgenic in nature.


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