Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Making bread is considered more a skill than science though the process is based on scientific facts. There are thousands of bakeries in many countries making their own bread using their special recipes delivering fresh bread every day through their shop front. A fresh bread from an "Iyengar bakery" in Karnataka or a Kaka shop in Kerala is irresistible as far as aroma, texture and taste are concerned though every baker uses same ingredients like wheat flour, yeast, water, yeast foods, employs a mixer for developing the dough and heat the portioned dough in an oven at relatively high temperatures. There are many newer developments that can make bread faster, with more consistency of quality and large scale production takes place in huge automated baking facilities. While oven, whether gas operated or electrical, is a standard feature in many western kitchens, it is not owned by majority of families in countries like China and India where bread is still a bought out item of the diet. Here is a claim from one of the cooking experts as to how good bread can be made without an oven and at temperatures much below that is obtained in an oven. Here are a few details.

The pressure cooker is a wonderfully versatile kitchen tool. One of the best things about this, besides the time savings, is you avoid heating up your kitchen with the oven.One of our favorite food hacks is making fresh bread without a bread maker. If you own a pressure cooker, you can get make delicious and rich-tasting loaves at home in under twenty minutes. Laura at Hip Pressure Cooking (the same smart site that showed us how to cook eggs in a pressure cooker) reveals this new bread-making technique. You'll need some sort of container, like a coffee can or heat-proof glass measuring cup, and just a few simple ingredients (e.g., flour, baking soda, yogurt). After pressure cooking for fifteen to twenty minutes you should get a warm loaf (even faster than baking bread in a crock pot). The bread doesn't come out crunchy, but you can quickly grill a few slices or put them under the broiler for some crust.

Interestingly the bread made in a Pressure Cooker needs to be further toasted before consumption because the product tends to be some what soggy due to presence of too much moisture in the baking environment. Of course the term bread can mean different things to different people and there are many products in the Orient called bread made from from rice which have no resemblance to what goes by that name in the West. Another important difference in the bread made with pressure cooker is that it uses baking powder for "raising" while traditional bread recipes use live yeast for the purpose. One is reminded of a product called "Buns" in the coastal region of Karnataka, made from Maida with Banana pulp as an important ingredient and deploying frying process for getting the fluffy texture. This product, offered in most local restaurants, is much more tastier than the baked buns made by conventional bakeries. The above report about preparing bread in a Pressure cooker can definitely give a product with its own flavor and texture which many may like as a simple alternative to commercially made bread products.


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