Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Labeling "tricks" by the food processing industry in different forms rake in billions of dollars from the unsuspecting consumers every year with the latter hardly aware of the fraud perpetuated on him. Here is an interesting compilation by an informed critic with some past experience. Probably this will help the consumer in choosing non-controversial products with transparent labels.

"After overindulging during the holidays, many of us have resolved to eat a healthier diet in the new year. But doing so means choosing the right foods, and too often misleading food labels prompt us to purchase items that we think are good for us but really aren't. Here are 10 common labeling tricks to be aware of as you beef up your diet in 2012". 

Claims on labels are not strictly controlled in may parts of the world and invariably such claims are not based on any studies by those who print many of such outlandish claims to mislead and confuse the consumer. Industry feels that if Safety Management Agencies can enforce printing of negative attributes like allergy, trans fats, cholesterol etc it should be allowed to make claims made by genuine scientists published in recognized international scientific journals. Well this is a controversial area and a consensus needs to be evolved regarding the mechanism that will govern printing of universally accepted positive claims for any product.


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