Sunday, August 22, 2010


Soda business is considered huge and all sweetened drinks with or without fizz come under this category. The spat between Government of India (GOI) and the famed soda maker Coke in 1977 resulting in the exit of this multinational giant from India is part of history. The issue was simple as GOI wanted the Coke to deposit the formula for making the cola beverage with the government to assess whether it contains any harmful additives and Coke refused to oblige resulting in closing its shop in the country. GOI was able to come out with a look-alike product to Coke beverage promptly named "77" through its own R & D group which unfortunately could not replace Coke in the market, Parle's Thums Up getting the benefit. To day Coke and Pepsi after entering India in nineteen nineties dominate beverage market to, under their respective brand names. Under scanner in many countries for their sugar, caffeine and phosphoric acid loaded drinks causing obesity and many health disorders, Coke at least is trying to bring about an image make over by getting into healthier product portfolio as reflected by its recent launch of milk based beverages in the Indian market.

"India is a huge test market for us and success of a global brand depends on how it fares in India," Coca Cola India Vice President (Marketing) Ricardo Ford told reporters here The company launched its 'Mazza Milky Delite,' a blend of mangoes and milk. Priced at Rs 15, the 200 ml tetra pack Delite is likely to have national rollout by December next. "We have several global brands and may introduce some of them in India in future," Ford said. "We'll have to select a portfolio that will cater to the national taste," Ricardo Ford further added".

It is useful to recall the efforts made by GOI in nineteen eighties to "persuade" soft drink industry to include at least 10% fruit juice in synthetic beverages with the avowed intention of giving a boost to fruit juice industry. Even compulsory "fortification" of soft drinks with fruit juice was considered at one time though the same did not materialize for reasons not known. The combination of Mango pulp with milk is a tricky proposition because of the vulnerability of casein in the milk to precipitation due to the pulp acidity. Probably the technological prowess of this soft drink giant enabled it to come out with its latest offering.


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