Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The hazards of modern life are exemplified by the recent revelation that man has to face more than 80000 chemicals during his life time with exposure limit varying depending on the environment where he lives and the food he eats. The latest finding that a few chemicals play a much more aggressive role in health damages is indeed startling and now is the time to seriously think about avoiding them at any cost.

"A growing body of research is linking five chemicals -- among the most common in the world -- to a host of ailments, including cancer, sexual problems and behavioral issues. We encounter them every day -- in plastic bottles, storage containers, food wrap, cans, cookware, appliances, carpets, shower curtains, clothes, personal care products, furniture, television sets, electronics, bedding, cushions and mattresses. In short, every room in almost every house in the United States is likely to contain at least one of these chemicals, many of which did not exist a century ago. They are bisphenol A, or BPA; phthalates; PFOA; formaldehyde; and polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PDBEs. Tests reveal most of us now carry them in our bodies, but are they putting our health -- and the health of our children -- in jeopardy?"

It is easier said than done when one speaks of avoiding the every day risks posed by these hazardous chemicals. While food industry can progressively shift to organic foods, what about the others? There are many areas consumer can take control of himself by avoiding such products which are not absolutely essential in his day to day life while governments can be forced to be more stringent in regulatory controls of use of dangerous chemicals in frequently used consumer products.

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