Monday, June 14, 2010


After the success of "i Pods" which have become almost an obsession with American consumers, "food cart pods" seem to be making news in some of the cities in the US. Though street vending is not a new phenomenon as millions flock to these simple road side vending outlets in almost all countries of the world, the food cart pods differ from these traditional food vending in that they are owned and managed by professional chefs with right credentials offering high value preparations to a discerning clientele.

Fresh food and local values: The crop of food carts downtown aren't your New York City hot dog vendors. These chefs are hoping for success with high-quality food served Eugene-style, including items like lamb Phillies with carmelized onions - and even vegan or raw options. These food cart entrepreneurs are modeling the idea after the successful food cart pods in Portland.
Being qualified and experienced chefs, those who operate these catering ventures can be expected to give high priority to hygiene and sanitation. Whether eating high quality and assuredly safe foods from such carts on the road side will give same satisfaction as in a high ambiance environment of a high end restaurant, remains to be seen. On the other hand the "Food Truck" concept which is becoming popular, fulfills a need in the market for low cost, quick serving, and multi-cuisine good quality foods in places where people congregate during lunch time.


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