Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The publishers of Readers Digest are one of the strong advocates for using various foods for curing some of the diseases like Diabetes. Literature is abundant with information, many based on tradition and experience, that highlights the suitability of many day to day foods in preempting as well as curing different health afflictions. How ever with the Allopathy system of medicine taking a strangle hold on the modern society, it takes lot of courage and conviction for any one to switch over from Allopathy to food based treatment of diseases.

"Hundreds of thousands of doctors across the country would love to stop writing prescriptions for expensive drugs, and instead send you home with a list of foods that can ease arthritis... lower blood pressure ... improve cholesterol... fight diabetes and more -- but they're afraid. Why? Because big pharmaceutical companies and insurance giants pressure your doctor to do everything "by the book." So no matter how much they may want to tell you to fight disease with foods -- their hands are tied. But the reality is, somewhere in the world, the health problem you're suffering from today has been solved. Not by drugs. Not by surgery".

"Here is the good food news that you've been waiting for...You can successfully treat dozens of medical conditions with the "medicine" on your fork! That's because FOOD CURES proves once and for all how easily you can treat everything from colds to cancer just by eating certain superfoods every day. What's more, all the food that you can use to feel better, live longer and healthier, is really easy to come by – or already in your kitchen! So, indulge in the FOOD CURE revolution right now! Gasping for asthma relief? Tired of living with migraine pain? Concerned about blood sugar swings? Simply look up your specific medical condition and look beyond your medicine cabinet to find the cure right here".

Though the above piece of writing sounds more like a promotional exercise with the sole purpose of selling the publication cited, there is some truth in the saying that "food is thy medicine". The difficulty for common man to practice what is preached by the proponents of using foods as cure for some diseases is the dilemma whether the synthetic drugs should be shunned altogether when the food route is adopted or food therapy can supplement the drug regime. This is where clear scientific findings only can bring about the much needed clarity on the subject.


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