Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Exercising during summer can be quiet exhausting and sporting events requiring heavy physical efforts are generally not organized during this season. The need to cool the body during hot season sends the blood towards the skin area, starving the muscles which require adequate blood circulation. More the physical efforts at warmer weathers, higher will be the heart beat which reaches 185 per minute within a few minutes putting unnecessary strain on the heart. There are many suggestions and recommendations to athletes for extending the exercise time but none is considered completely satisfactory. Consuming a flavored syrup, mixed with crushed ice, at a temperature of -2C is now being recommended as a pre-exercise drink to increase the tolerance of the body to the environmental heat.

"The problem is that none of the methods are easy, cheap and practical. But now, a New Zealand endurance athlete and exercise researcher says he has found a method that is. All you have to do is drink an ice slurry, also known as a slushie, before exercising. In a new study, he reports that young male recreational athletes who drank a syrup-flavored ice slurry just before running on a treadmill in hot room could keep going for an average of 50 minutes before they had to stop. When they drank only syrup-flavored cold water, they could run for an average of 40 minutes".

The exact mechanism for this new finding is still unclear though scientists feel that it could be due to the lowering of body temperature by the cold drink, sparing blood supply to the skin that otherwise would have been necessary. If these findings are corroborated by other studies, one can expect a horde of new sports drinks targeting the athletes, sports persons and exercise freaks in the near future.


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