Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is true that India is a land of many paradoxes in every field of human activity. While democracy is preached day in and day out, for many citizens it is more a combination of bureaucracy and aristocracy that control the economy with very little focus on the perennial poverty stricken population. Here is a commentary on the ironical situation that prevails in the country reflecting the frustration being felt all around.

"There is no other country that presents a more shameful paradox of plenty- grains rotting in the open while millions live in hunger. At the same time, no other country allows its staple food to be exported while the population of hungry and malnourished continues to multiply".---- "In the United States, from where India borrows its economic prescriptions, food is only allowed to be exported after the country ensures that in addition to 309 million people, 168 million cats and dogs have also been well-fed. In India, food — and that includes wheat, rice, maize, pulses, fruit and vegetables — is routinely exported, and the government often provides subsidies to offset the losses incurred in trade"----"In America, where one in every six citizen lives in hunger, it provides a massive federal support of US $ 205 billion for a period of five years to feed its hungry under various nutrition supplement programmes. This marks a continuous increase over the year. In India, which has the world's largest population of hungry, the food subsidy bill is proposed to be pruned, from Rs 56,000-crore for 2010-11 to Rs 28,000-crore, under the proposed National Food Security bill".

Why is that the planners, administrators, social scientists and economists do not see the writing on the wall and do some thing to arrest this drifting trend? Hopes were raised when a truly accomplished economist of international repute took over as the Prime Minister of this country but after 6 years of his rule, common man does not see any thing positive happening to cheer about. On the contrary people are being crushed under the burden of uncontrolled food inflation and all round shortage of critical food materials. Is this country heading for a crisis of Himalayan proportion, with no solution in sight? No wonder people are flocking in increasing numbers to places of worship like temples, mosques, synagogues and churches, seeking divine intervention to overcome their woes!

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