Friday, September 25, 2009


No matter how long we debate the issue of misleading promotional practices in the food industry sector, the impact of public opinion is often limited because those who perpetrate deceit on consumers through false or bloated claims, some of them very absurd, believe that public memory is short. There are hundreds of instances when industry gets away with obvious malpractices because of public apathy and laxity of the enforcement agencies. Vast scientific reports that get projected in the media often confuse even the knowledgeable consumers, let alone the layman. But an informed consumer can always play a role by bringing to limelight some of the actions of the industry and share the same with fellow consumers.

Here is what a conscientious consumer has to say about woes of a typical buyer in a grocery store or a super market. "With the ridiculous and misleading claims that are made on the packaging of many foods, it can be difficult to differentiate the truth from devious marketing. This is important because the failure to make this distinction can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing".

In a country like India such mislabeling and dubious claims can go unchecked allowing the culprits to get away scotfree. As for the consumer, limited competition, uncertainties regarding the safety of products manufactured by small processors and intense advertising by the big fishes leave very little choice but to buy these products at the price demanded on the label. Probably consumer is more concerned about health and the common perception is that such protection is assured only with branded products.

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