Saturday, March 2, 2013


Egg is mostly consumed in the boiled format and cooking it to meet the taste and texture of the consumer is some what cumber some. Most people use lot of water for cooking egg, the time required to fully cook and cool before being ready for consumption taking about 15-30 minutes. Microwave heating is also resorted to egg cooking, special cookwares being offered for the purpose. It is surprising as to why no food engineer has thought of an easy gadget to prepare boiled egg in a jiffy with least speculation. This lacuna has been overcome with the recent design of an egg cooker with many easy to use features. Here is a take on this new development.

Cooking an egg involves using up a pot of water, along with the energy required to boil all of it. What if there were a way to just heat the egg directly, with no need for water? Well, now there is, and it's known as Eggxactly. Designed by British inventor James Seddon, who wanted to make the process of cooking an egg as easy as toasting bread, the device has been in the works for at least seven years. It features two stretchable silicone heating elements – one on either side of the egg – that are said to transfer heat to the egg very efficiently. Because the elements are so soft, they reportedly conform to a variety of sizes and shapes of eggs. To use Eggxactly, you just stick in an egg, close the lid, turn the top-mounted dial to indicate how hard you want the egg cooked, then tap the device on top to start it. The cooker measures the starting temperature of the egg, and heats it accordingly. When the egg is done, you'll be alerted with a beeping sound.

One of the oldest kitchen gadgets that has endured to families over ages is the ubiquitous pop-up bread toaster which has seen many innovations to make it more and more consumer friendly. The automatic sandwich toaster with indicators for heating or keep it warming is yet another kitchen gadget with lot of convenience and ease of use. The automatic egg cooker will add to the array of kitchen gadgets that makes the life of house wives much more comfortable and livable.


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