Monday, March 28, 2011


Fast foods in many western countries are at the receiving end because of their suspected role in contributing over weight, obesity and many life style health disorders. But this industry has shown remarkable resilience in overcoming such adversities and continue to thrive. They have become all the more visible these days when the economic melt down has reduced the buying capacity of many middle class families who can afford these foods easily as they are priced low due to the large business volume generated. Besides industry continuously strives to be sensitive to consumer concerns in modifying their products removing promptly any ingredient that has safety uncertainties as per consumer perception. The industry serves a useful purpose by providing highly standardized and tasty preparations within a matter of few minutes using most modern processing technologies. Recent revelation that this industry is increasing the convenient content further shows that it is not easy to demolish them from the mind of the consumer.

"Mos Burger branches across school campuses and Taipei City (around 20 in total) have already tested out the on-line meal order service. By mid-March, the new service will be available for the fast food establishment nationwide. According to Mos Burger representatives, the new service was created to shorten the waiting period for its customers. Although the company has a call-in service for orders, customers have complained that their calls often fail to go through. The prevalence of Internet-based services caused Mos Burger to roll out their on-line ordering process, testing it in January across Taipei City branches and those located on school campuses. The results were positive, and the company predicts that by mid-March, all 180 or so Mos Burger branches will take on-line requests. The Mos Burger website has two options for on-line orders: systematic and time-based. If the customer doesn't specify a time, his food will be made within ten minutes of his order, which will be ready to be enjoyed in the restaurant or for pick up. However, if the Mos Burger restaurant is at capacity, the customer may still have to wait".

Those who patronize joints like Taco Bell, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC or any other fast food serving place cannot fail to notice the quality of service and the premium on time accorded to their service. For many professional and busy people time is definitely a factor that determines their choice of eateries and these outlets fit admirably with the consumer expectation. Though the new innovation cannot be considered very novel, putting into practice the IT technology for providing faster service is some thing that does not exist till recently. Ordering of food through telephone can reduce the waiting time significantly but in a country like the US it is next to impossible to get a live human voice to listen to consumer needs. Therefore Internet is a possible practical medium that can allow the consumer to send across the order very fast and little time is lost between ordering and taking delivery of the menu items ordered. What is noteworthy is that this development is happening not in Europe nor in the US but in Taiwan in Asia! Three cheers.


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