Monday, December 20, 2010


For the last 5 decades systematic attempts were being made to target Palm oil and label it as unhealthy. Probably the fact that it is the most affordable edible oil in the world is working against this common man's oil and some of the Western countries with their large production base of Canola and Soybean Oil, have a vested interest in this diabolical plot as they find it difficult to face competition from oils coming from Asia like Palm oil and Coconut oil. Though both Palm oil and Coconut oil have been proved conclusively to be safe, the orchestrated charade against them continues unabated. It is unfortunate that a country like Australia with no stake in this controversy has got into the band wagon of Palm oil "haters".

"As per the prediction of a manager with one of the most popular food companies in Australia the food industry will gradually play a key role in phasing out palm oil just like the building industry phased out asbestos. Palm oil is frequently used in the production of snacks, frozen foods and bread spreads since it is a cheap alternative which is very high in saturated fat. It is also disguised as 'vegetable oil' by food companies on labels. Some prominent brands use this oil for their products like Nutella, Kraft peanut butter and chips by Smith's. This oil has recently become a controversial product which is being used in foods because of its high saturated fat content. The palm oil plantations also have several other harmful effects on the environment. The business manager of Dick Smith Foods, Paul Grundy said that his company is among those who have asked this ingredient to be removed from all the spreads after customers have expressed their concern about this ingredient. He said, "Asbestos was used in building materials 50 years ago and today it is not, because they [the manufacturers] recognized the hazards with it. The same happens in food products: ingredients change over time, based upon more a more enlightened view of the world."

It is the height of stupidity and sense of arrogance for a spokesperson of the Australian food industry to compare Palm oil with Asbestos which is banned because of its proven involvement in lung related ailments. What harm Palm oil has done to human beings for it to be compared with Asbestos? One has to only point out the enormous damage done by the Western originated "Hydrogenated Fats" which contained high levels Trans fats considered a major culprit in the rampaging incidences of heart disease being seen all over the world. What right do these antagonists of Palm oil have in condemning it with no scientific evidence? Another excuse to condemn Palm oil is that the producing countries in Asia are denuding the jungles for expanding its cultivation thus causing harm to the environment. Same applies to Brazil also which is cultivating sugar cane in thousands of acres of land after clearing Amazon forest and do the Western countries shun Sugar or Bio-ethanol exported by Brazil? Palm oil producers must counter such discriminatory practices by banning import of soy oil and Canola and products made there from originating in these countries as a "tit for tat" response to the irresponsible campaign against this "innocent" oil.


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